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Custom Artwork on my Lanyards!

I just got my Polyester lanyards and they look fantastic! I had the need to create a custom artwork on these lanyards and your artwork team was fantastic! I wanted to take the time to let you know you did a wonderful job. Thanks again....


Fundraising Event Lanyards

My package just arrived so quick, sooner then I expected (those big guys take forever) and I couldn't be happier. These lanyards came out just like your online proof on step-3. Not only that, but they arrived in time for our three grand fundraising events. I will be back to order more before you know it.

Jack C.

Amazing Customer Support

You guys do great work. I actually thought that ordering online was going to be a tough gig for me, but not only did Everydaylanyards.com educate me as to what would work best for what I needed lanyards wise, but they also gave me an amazing rock bottom price to work with my quick delivery need. Kudos to Everyday Lanyards. I highly recommend your services to any of my clients, friends, and family that are in the market shopping for rubber bracelets.

Laura M.

Campaign Promotional Lanyards

Hey guys, I surprised to see your work on my custom lanyards, which I ordered for my business campaign promotion. They were cool and did great job. I have got big success by using custom lanyards which you designed for us! I am thankful to you for such a good job! Thanks again…

Jeff M. H.

Pretty Cool Shipping!

Hi there, I writing you to say thank you for pretty cool shipping, My order just arrived in one and half week!! I chose 7 day of shipping time, and in just couples of days I have got my shipment at my place! Awesome! Thank you…

Marie C.

Best Polyester Lanyards Ever!

I really love these lanyards! One of my hobbies is to collect awareness lanyards and pass them onto local organizations. I have got so many lanyards from different sites, but the one's from here were really "pure" polyester lanyards. They are thick and of great quality. I have seen lots, so I know I can justify which one is pure!

Jason M.

Polyester Lanyard Fred,

Can't tell you how happy I am...this lanyards are simply awesome. The price, customer service, and the quick turnaround time was the best I've seen to-date. Those big companies take way too long and never get back to me on time. You guys were awesome! Thanks again...

Joe B.